Matt & Michelle reception 2.12.12

Matt and Michelle did things a little differently with their wedding, and so their reception was on a different day than the ceremony.  Michelle baked a million AMAZING cupcakes and the rest of the food was pot-luck. It was such a sweet time to celebrate their marriage with family and friends! Here are a few favorites from the reception…

Jordan & Amanda – proposal 2.18.12

I have always wanted to sneakily snap action shots of a proposal as it’s happening, and I was so blessed to be asked to do so by Jordan!  He is one of my husband’s oldest and best friends, and I have lately had the privilege of getting to know beautiful, sweet Amanda.  They are a precious couple! P.S. – she said yes!

Matt & Michelle wedding 1.29.12

I loved this wedding. It was the most intimate and comfortable wedding; so sweet and relaxed. The bride and groom decided to have a very small ceremony at a friend’s house and will be having a reception to celebrate with more friends in a few weeks. Here are some favorites from the day!